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We are a growing family business based in Southern California that has made a conscious choice to design and create products that are environmentally friendly. Nothing is truly “green”, but we believe there are better choices that can be made. We are committed to reduce, recycle and re-use whenever and wherever possible.

Our Furry & Fabulous Natural Cotton and Organic collections are made of high quality environmentally sustainable materials and printed using non-toxic inks. We are proud to make the best products we can while leaving the smallest footprint.

Bark n Bag is devoted to providing pets and pet lovers eco-friendly transit in style. Bringing your pets along on daily adventures in one of life's joys; our mission is to ensure that time together on the go with your pet is fun, convenient, and safe.

We hope you will join us on our journey as we challenge convention and develop designs that both stand out and blend in seamlessly to your lifestyle.

Customer Service & Sales:

Email: shop@furrynfabulous.com
or call us at 626.851.0670 (dial zero for the operator)
or use the form below.

Marketing & Press:

Email: David Fine: david@furrynfabulous.com

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